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While many scaffolding companies concentrate purely on one side of the industry, providing solely domestic scaffolding services or commercial scaffolding services, our team has the experience to cover both. Our CITB trained scaffolders are knowledgeable in a range of techniques, from traditional scaffolding to hanging and birdcage scaffolding, and ensure every project we take on in Epsom, one of our principal service areas, has a bespoke structure meticulously designed and carefully erected.

Below, however, we’ve focused on our domestic scaffolding services. We’ve looked to runover a few of the most common tasks for which Epsom residents require the assistance of scaffolding companies like our own. But it’s not exhaustive, and you may have an altogether different project for which you require an access solution. If this is the case, simply call our friendly team on 020 8661 5324.

Domestic Uses for Scaffolding in Epsom

Re-roofing – Epsom is a historic town and many of its home shave very old roofs, which even when well-constructed, can begin to show their age over a long enough time span. This can mean mold, leaks and structural damage which it doesn’t make economic sense to repair (for issues will like lyre-appear, sometimes in just a matter of months). In these situations, re-roofing is typically recommended. To facilitate re-roofing, you’ll need a high quality, bespoke access solution – so it’s important to find the right scaffolding companies for the job. Our scaffolders have a lot of experience in this area, and work closely alongside many roofers in the Epsom area.

Gutter Repairs – Extended periods of poor weather, which can batter roofline elements such as gutters, fascias and soffits, can lead to the need for gutter repairs; the same goes for age/wear-and-tear, and accidental damage caused by persons accessing your roof with a lack of care and precaution. While some gutter repairs on Epsom properties can be carried out from a ladder, more extensive work should be accompanied by scaffolding services, providing a secure platform to encourage safe working practices.

2 Storey Extensions – If you’re in Epsom and lucky enough to be investing in a multi-storey extension, it’s worth speaking with scaffolding companies to ensure the right type of structure can be drawn up and erected, allowing for construction of the upper section of the development.

Repointing – Over time, even the most skillfully delivered brickwork can erode and require a bit of TLC. If the upper sections of your property need some work done, as they’re badly impacting the overall curb appeal of your property, our scaffolding services can assist in providing access. Some Epsom clients have handled this type of work on a DIY basis, but we recommend only experienced users of scaffolding employ our structures.

Loft Conversions – Turning unused space or storage into a new bedroom, study, games room, bathroom, or whatever else you have envisioned, is a fantastic way to add significant value to your property; in fact, it’s one of the most popular home improvements carried out by Epsom property owners. But if you plan to have alterations made to your roof as part of the project, for example it’s a mansard or hip to gable loft extension, you’ll need to speak with a scaffolder. A bespoke structure can be set up to ensure the development company you’ve chosen will be able to work safely and efficiently on these alterations, freeing up lots of extra space!

Cheam Scaffolding is the first port of call for domestic scaffolding services in the Epsom area. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us on 020 8661 5324.