Right on Your Doorstep – A Reputable Local Scaffolder in Sutton | Cheam Scaffolding

We’re under no illusions: there are many scaffolding companies which cover Sutton; we’re certainly not the only one. But we do believe ourselves to be one of the best choices that a Sutton resident can make, whether in pursuit of domestic scaffolding services or commercial scaffolding services.

It’s very easy to claim this, in fact, most Sutton scaffolding companies do. However, at Cheam Scaffolding, we can back it up. So below, we’ve looked to provide a list of reasons why our clients time and time again decide that our scaffolders are the right team for the job. Should you finish the page and be convinced our scaffolding services our right for you, or have a question you’d like answered by a friendly member of the Cheam Scaffolding team, don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8661 5324.

Why Use Us Over Competing Scaffolding Companies in Sutton?

  1. Our scaffolders work quickly and efficiently, without compromising safety, to ensure that scaffold towers are established within the pre-agreed timeframe. Scaffolding companies that are less military in their approach to timeframe can mean developments around Sutton are delayed.
  2. We are committed to customer satisfaction, and take great efforts to build long-term relationships with Sutton clients, so that whenever they require scaffolding services they have peace of mind knowing the right team is on the job.
  3. All our scaffolders are fully insured, and Cheam Scaffolding itself holds a separate public liability insurance policy; we urge Sutton residents never to hire uninsured scaffolding companies, even if the structure required is small and simple.
  4. Cheam Scaffolding provides scaffolding services for all types of project: domestic and commercial. Our versatility also sees us work year-round, whatever the weather. The standard of work, whatever it is you’ve called us in for, will be to a consistently high standard; we never cut corners.
  5. Our philosophy is that a skillful and knowledgeable scaffolder should be within everyone’s means; you shouldn’t be paying a premium just to receive good quality scaffolding services. To this end, we take great efforts to ensure our prices are highly competitive amongst scaffolding companies in Sutton and the wider South East of England.
  6. Quotes on all scaffolding services are free and come with no obligation. The same goes for our risk assessments and site surveys. This ensures both the client and our own scaffolders are 100% sure of what a project involves, and all parties are happy. What’s more, we act fast: written quotes can be provided within 24 hours of our visit.
  7. When providing scaffolding services for Sutton clients, we act with discretion and integrity, ensuring any rubbish or debris is disposed of responsibly, and you’re left with a site that was as clean as it was before our structure was set-up.
  8. Adhering to government regulations and engaging in proper health and safety practice is of the upmost importance to us. We have a strict in house policy and our CITB qualified scaffolders look to safeguard users of the structure, and those who might pass by or under it by implementing the proper safety measures.
  9. Our scaffolders regularly inspect all equipment used to ensure that the materials used for structures are fit for purpose; this goes for both scaffolding beams and any associated accessories.
  10. Unlike many scaffolding companies, are approach looks to fulfil the unique needs of each individual client. We never take a generic or “one size fits all” approach to our work.
Convinced that our scaffolders are the right team for the job? To discuss the scaffolding services you require, call Sutton’s Cheam Scaffolding directly on 020 8661 5324.