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If we were to sum up what scaffolding companies do in one line, it’s: enable safe and efficient work at height. The former is obviously essential, considering the sheer number of risks that can be involved when working from a platform. It’s important that the initial risk assessment and site survey identifies ways in which scaffolding services can best overcome logistical hurdles, while safeguarding the workers using the structure. Our scaffolders, who serve both domestic and commercial clients in and around the Wimbledon area, also pride themselves on the meticulous manner in which structures are erected, minimizing the likelihood of damage to persons or property.

But on this page, we’ve focused on what happens after the structure has been built and left with you, the client. It lists some vital safety tips which will help keep you safe when working at height. More interested in discussing the domestic and commercial scaffolding services we provide clients in and around Wimbledon? Pick up the phone and call the friendly team at Cheam Scaffolding on 020 8661 5324 or 07802 977 700.

Essential Safety Tips for Working at Height

Undergo Training – If you are one of themany sole traders or Wimbledon based companies that make use of our scaffoldingservices, and are often working at height but lack specific training in thisarea, we’d definitely recommend pursuing it. Even if you feel fairlycomfortable making use of scaffolding, it can highlight potential shortcomingsin your practical or theoretical knowledge, so if something disastrous were togo wrong during the working day, you’d know how best to respond.

Wait for Inspections – Scaffoldingcompanies are obliged, under the Work at Height Regulations 2005, to inspectscaffolds every 7 days; the scaffolder needs to ensure that poor weather, ashift in the structure or ground, vandalism or accidental damage has not causedthe structure to become unsafe for use. While we’re well aware of the timeconstraints which many of our Wimbledon clients feel pressured by, it’s vitalto book this inspection in to ensure the safety of scaffold users. We’ll ensureit’s carried out quickly, and at a convenient time which won’t significantlyinterrupt development phases.

Keep Aware – It only takes a momentarylack of focus for a serious accident to occur. Common examples include knockinga tool or heavy material off a scaffold, where it could easily hit someonewalking below; many injuries have occurred in Wimbledon over the years for thisvery reason. So when working at height, don’t get complacent – even when it’sthe umpteenth time you’re making use of scaffolding services. Be aware ofothers using the scaffold and any passers-by who might be walking below.

Use the Right Equipment – Again,complacency can tempt skilled workers into climbing a scaffold and getting towork without the right equipment; perhaps they’ve left something at home, orare only doing a “small” task that they think is worth the risk. But it neveris… Just as scaffolding companies, like ours near Wimbledon, ensure staff arealways kitted out with hard hats, gloves, proper working boots, high-visjackets and other essential safety items, so should you and your team. A nastybump on the head suffered in a hard hat can be a fatal blow without one, forexample.

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