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Whether it’s your first time seeking out scaffolding companies or you’re a veteran tradesman who is always working at height, from time to time you’ll have an enquiry concerning the scaffolding services we offer. So Cheam Scaffolding has looked to answer a handful of questions we commonly receive from clients in Kingston –a core service area in which our scaffolders serve both domestic and commercial clients – to provide an online resource you can quickly consult.

It is however by no means exhaustive, and you may have a completely different question for us. If that’s the case, call our friendly and knowledgeable team on 020 8661 5324 or 07802 977 700. We look to set ourselves apart from competing scaffolding companies in Kingston, Surrey and Greater London (our areas of coverage) by being as committed to quality customer service as we are to great workmanship.

Our Kingston Scaffolding FAQ

Do I require a permit for my scaffolding?
Only if your scaffolding will be positioned on or over a public highway. Should this be the case, we will be able to help you in the provision of a permit via Kingston Council.

What sort of training have your scaffolders undergone?
All our scaffolders have undergone training with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB), the leading body in the sector for skills and development. They are accredited and experienced in delivering all the scaffolding services that we provide the Kingston area.

How long can my scaffolding stand for?
This is completely dictated by the needs of the project. We are equally happy to design and erect structures for short term projects like the installation of guttering on a small residential property, as we are designing elaborate scaffolds for new build commercial schemes that are scheduled to take months if not years to complete.

When should my scaffolding be inspected?
Scaffolding companies are required by law(Work at Height Regulations 2005) to carry out weekly inspections to ensure that poor weather, vandalism or accidental damage haven’t put the structural integrity of a structure in danger; thus inspections are a vital part of the overall package of scaffolding services we provide Kingston and its surrounds.

It’s my first time calling in a scaffolder. What does the process look like?
First of all, don’t fret – we make it straightforward and stress free. Simply call us to arrange a site survey and risk assessment. Once carried out, we’ll issue you a no obligation written quote within 24 hours. If accepted, we’ll design the scaffold (informed by the aforementioned survey and risk assessment), and schedule a day in to erect it. Our scaffolders will then visit every week to inspect the scaffold, and carefully dismantle it when work has completed, ensuring no damage to property or mess is left behind.

For all other queries, contact Cheam Scaffolding on 020 8661 5324 or 07802 977 700. Whatever scaffolding services you require in the Kingston area, we have you covered.